Example Case Studies:

A- Round vs. Chiseled Round
Examination of some ballistic characteristics can be done with the naked eye. Cartridge on the left was fired from a "Glock" automatic pistol, as for the one on the right, it could have been fired from many different guns, and closer examination is required.
Bullet pair with primer ends visible

B- Hand-gun Rifling: Automatic vs. Revolver
The bullet on the left was fired from an automatic pistol, and the rifling grooves are the same distance apart from top to bottom. The bullet on the right was fired from a revolver, and the grooves are wider at the top then at the bottom, due to slippage.
Bullet pair with groves visible

C- Ejection Marks
Casings are dragged across the edge of the ejection port as they are being thrown from the weapon, these marks can be matched.
Brass casings with scratch marks visible

D- Expansion and ballistics.
Many times ballistics can survive extreme impacts, as demonstrated with this 30 caliber soft-point bullet.
Crumpled bullet with rifling marks visible

E- Shooting Reconstruction.
Bullet's path proves complaining witness was trying to shoot defendant in the face with a shotgun when he was shot by defendant.
Mannequin with precise bullet paths marked by dowels